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Tax Scheme for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in Denmark

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Tax Scheme for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in Denmark is a report describing who are eligible for this advantageous tax scheme, what tax benefits are obtained, what limits there are to use this scheme, what procedures to establish it and conclusions to the scheme in various aspects.

This report is aimed at recruitment agencies that intend to place non Danish nationals to work in Denmark.

There has been a tax scheme to mitigate the high levels of Danish Income Tax for highly skilled foreign nationals for many years. Whereas it has been attractive in inducing foreign nationals to come and work in Denmark, certain aspects of it have also been heavily criticized when compared to similar schemes in other countries (particularly the claw back of the tax benefi ts if the foreign benefi ciary of the scheme stayed in Denmark beyond 4 years). The scheme has been substantially amended and simplifi ed in the 2011 Finance Act and the new rules are applicable from 1st January 2011.

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