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Placing contractors in Switzerland

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Placing contractors in Switzerland is aimed at recruitment agencies that are either already engaged in contract recruitment activities in Switzerland or contemplating entering the market.  It will enable you to approach both contractors and clients from a position of strength and with renewed confidence in your knowledge of the dynamics of the Swiss market.

Switzerland has a long tradition of fixed term contracting and the combination of relatively low tax and high contract rates have attracted foreign contractors to work there for many years. The contracting environment is quite unique due to the combination of labour leasing law, work permit requirements and regional based taxation. The peculiarities of the Swiss contract market have frustrated employment agencies for many years but it is hard to ignore due to the consistent buoyancy of the market and the steady flow of requirements from Swiss based clients.

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) regulates the Swiss market to stop Swiss-based clients from recruiting contractors through foreign companies. Swiss Labour Leasing Law applies to supplies of both temporary and permanent personnel into Switzerland.

Some agencies are deterred from doing business in Switzerland due to adverse experiences with regard to non solicitation of their contractors. It should be emphasised that whereas poaching of contractors does happen, it is still the exception rather than the rule. The real key to doing business in Switzerland is to have strong and trusting relationships with clients and suppliers.

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