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Placing contractors in Sweden

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Placing contractors in Sweden is aimed at recruitment agencies that are either already engaged in contract recruitment activities in Sweden or contemplating entering the market.  It will enable you to approach both contractors and clients from a position of strength and with renewed confidence in your knowledge of the dynamics of the Swedish market.

Sweden is a very favourable country to place contractors in from an agency viewpoint. There is no Agency License requirement and the absence of labour leasing legislation makes it easier to structure contracts with clients and suppliers without worrying about the need to employ contractors directly. In addition, the deemed employment risk is relatively low; at least from a historical perspective there have been very few cases brought to the courts where employment status has been contested. However, it is vital that agencies are aware of the activities of the STA in recent years in cleaning up the contractor management sector. They are in a particular state of alert with regard to foreign national contractors at the moment and agencies should beware of using some Management Companies whose schemes they have not audited or are unsure of the methodologies used.

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