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Placing contractors in the Netherlands

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Placing contractors in the Netherlands is aimed at recruitment agencies that are either already engaged in contract recruitment activities in the Netherlands or contemplating entering the market.  It will enable you to approach both contractors and clients from a position of strength and with renewed confidence in your knowledge of the dynamics of the Dutch market.

The operation of the Dutch contractor market is effectively controlled by the Dutch Tax Authorities mainly through a device known as Chain Law. This simply means that all parties to a contracting arrangement, End Client, Agent, Management Company (if relevant) and contractor are in the chain of liability if there are any unpaid or underpaid fiscal costs relating to the income generated from a contract performed by the contractor.

In practice this has resulted in the fact that the majority of Dutch clients are very concerned about compliance and in particular about the contracting methodologies used by contractors working on their sites or hired on by them to the sites of other companies. Probably as a consequence of this, the contracting market in The Netherlands tends to have a much greater culture of compliance than that which prevails elsewhere in Europe. This creates a relatively level playing field for Agencies trying to do Contract business in The Netherlands.

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