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Placing contractors in France

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Placing contractors in France is aimed at recruitment agencies that are either already involved in contract recruitment activities in France or contemplating becoming active in the French market. It is a very regulated and specific market for fixed term contracting and the mindset required to do contract recruitment business elsewhere does not transplant itself well to France. This Report willgive you the ability to approach both contractors and clients from a position of strength and with renewed confidence in your knowledge of the dynamics of the French contract market.

It initially  gives a background to the fixed term contract environment in France and  the factors that  attract international recruitmers to do business there.  It then goes into the legal framework with regard to contract recruitment in France. It goes through the concept of Delit de Marchandage (it is forbidden for one enterprise to lease personnel to another enterprise unless it is doing so under license as an interim agency), Contrat à Durée Déterminée (CDD), The Labour Inspectorate, Declarations Required and the French market for Fixed Term Contractors. It goes on to present the conventional routes to market for contractors in France, either contracting via a Societes de Portage Liberale (freelancer), Swiss Management Company and Umbrella Company Administering Independent Contractors. It finally gives conclusions and recommendations to recruitment agencies and staffing companies who want to establish recruitment activities in France or who are already actively engaged in the market.

Included in the price is phone support to discuss further the requirements to establishing a recruitment activity in France.

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