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What does non compliance actually mean?

Typical Instances of Contractor non-compliance (in declining order of seriousness):

  1. Contractor on site with a client without a valid work permit in a scenario where a work permit is required.
  2. Contractor working through an offshore limited company structure incorporated in one of the tax haven countries (e.g. Jersey, Guernsey, IOM, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands etc.).
  3. Contractor working through a “one man” limited company incorporated in a country outside the one in which he/she is working.
  4. Low level contractor working as an independent. This is problematic in terms of definition but our cut-off is €350 per day or €43.75 per hour.
  5. Contractor working through a management or umbrella company that is not authorised by The Agency.
  6. Independent contractor extended on a contract that takes him/her over two years on the same client site without approval from a senior director.
  7. Contractor placed as an independent when he/she has never operated as an independent previously.