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Services to Agencies

For recruitment agencies Crescenzi Consulting offers the following services:

  • Specific Risk Analysis of Agency’s existing international contractor base;
  • Audit of Management Company Suppliers;
  • Drafting of Service Level Agreements with Management Company Suppliers;
  • Monthly retainer service to provide expertise by telephone or email on all day to day issues relating to international deployment of contractors;
  • Review of Client contracts to evaluate risk to agency and it’s effect on the method of placement at each client site;
  • Training (structured on a country by country basis) for the agency’s sales consultants;
  • Design of Rules of Engagement for Sales Consultants in each country;
  • Process review of the risk management function and advice on monitoring and policing mechanisms to ensure that the agency’s methods are adhered to by all sales consultants. This includes a template for measuring compliance breaches and identifying a compliance score for each sales consultant.
  • Advice on placing independent contractors and when and in what circumstances it is safe to do so.